About us

Main tasks and aims

The duty of the Hungarian Institute for Forensic Sciences as a national task, is  to provide forensic expert opinions  upon appointment, in cases where the probative proceedings are obligatory or possible by law in authority proceeding. HIFS is also able to provide expert on orders of other officials. Our activity is governed by the principles and standards of forensic sciences.

Predecessors of the Hungarian Institute for Forensic Sciences

The Hungarian Institute for Forensic Sciences  came into existence in 2017  based upon the  merger of the two previous hungarian expert institute, the former Hungarian Institute for Forensic Sciences (Bűnügyi Szakértői és Kutatóintézet) and the Network of Forensic Sciences Institutes (Igazságügyi Szakértői és Kutató Intézetek).
The organisational concept behind the merger was to unite the advantages of the different leading systems of the former institutes (regional management and central staff in NFSI and the managment system based on field of expertise in HIFS).


The supervisor organisation of HIFS is the Ministry of Interior, in association with the Ministry of Justice and the National Police Headquarters.

Premises - regional institutes and laboratories

Besides the Headquarters with  10 central departments  in Budapest, HIFS operates  11 regional institutes  covering Hungary in its entirety, to provide swift, high quality and professional forensic services.
A network of regional drug laboratories  and  blood alcohol laboratories operate within the confines of the organization.

Human resources

HIFS currently employs a total of 711 employees – including  243 forensic experts  and 47 forensic expert candidates.