Forensic engineering

The experts of the Department carry out forensic expert activities in the fields of road vehicles and transport, Information Technology and architecture. To perform the tasks on a high level, the continuous training of experts is of paramount importance, in addition to the improvement of technical conditions.
Within the framework of professional collaboration, we cooperate with universities and development institutes participating in the training of future experts.

The foundation of the Department was in 1965. 

Vehicular Forensics

The tasks performed by the traffic experts are mainly collecting data at accident sites, analysing road accidents, investigating unauthorized modifications, evaluating road vehicles and determining maintenance and operating failures of road vehicles.

In road vehicle area, we can provide expert opinion on road safety engineering, road vehicle testing, design engineering, urban traffic, mining and construction machinery, motor vehicle transport, technological design, maintenance, and operation of road construction machinery, mobile loading machine, production of agricultural machinery, manufacture of food and tobacco machinery, tools, household appliances, paper and printing machinery.

Forensic Architecture

In architecture area we have expertise in competencies such as real estate evaluations, construction industry, building physics, architecture, building power engineering, building material industry, support structures, geotechnology, civil engineering, building mechanization, building technology.

Forensic Information Technology

We provide expertise on wide range of IT: software, studio technology, multimedia related IT activities, IT equipment, PC, peripherals and local networks, IT security, design and organization of IT systems, measurement technology related to electronic communication systems, wired electronic communication, digital broadcasting, wireless electronic communication.


Head of the Department of Forensic Engineering

László Tangl forensic vehicular expert

International relations

  •  Road Accident Analysis EWG  - we are members of the Road Accident Analysis Expert Working Group of the European Network of Forensic Science Institutes (ENFSI). >>visit website
  •  ENFSI FITWG  - we take part in the Forensic Information Technology Working group of ENFSI. >>visit website

Contact for international relations

  • Vehicular Forensics: Gabriella Décsy
  • Forensic Architecture: Dr Zsuzsanna Dudás
  • Forensic IT: Csaba Kristóf